produkty uniwersalne

produkty uniwersalne

Universal Accessories

2-pin power cable, 9V block, AAA micro batteries and much more


PATONA® universal AA Mignon and AAA Micro batteries and chargers. In addition, now new from the Premium Series 18650 also, i.e.: batteries for e-cigarettes.


The PATONA® 9V Block Battery was specially developed for smoke detectors. Excellent due to very long shelf life of up to 10 years. Also suitable for other devices such as toys, medical devices, gauges.


Universal chargers from PATONA® as dual charger with and without LCD display for 18650 cells. Fast charger for mignon and micro batteries.


Power cables, adapters and USB cables as well as PATONA® adapters for many different purposes.


Powerbanks from PATONA® for different applications and in different capacities.