LEDs and Accessories

GU10, E27, Ceiling lights LED bulbs and much more.

LED Bulbs

Maximum life of up to 50,000 hours, energy efficiency class A +. PATONA® LED bulbs in high quality. Available in all common sockets like E14, E27, MR16, G10, G9, G4 and others. Mainly available in warm white.

Ceiling / wall lights

Depending on the model LED ceiling lamps, solar lights for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for garden, workshop and living spaces. Available with and without motion sensors. Warm white, natural white.


Frame and panels for LED bulbs. Ideal for PATONA® transformers and accessories. With LED panels, individual lighting concepts can be realized. Available as dimmable LED panel in natural white.

Reflectors / Lights

PATONA® reflectors have a particularly low energy consumption and high luminosity. They will not be as hot as conventional spotlights. Full brightness after a few seconds. Universally applicable in shops, warehouses, stadiums, sports fields, billboards etc.

Accessories, spare parts

Dimmable transformers for LED panels, remote control for LED transformers. PATONA® LED accessories are perfectly matched to the product range.