Trend product

E-Scooter trend product on pts-trading.de

From the leading brand in mobile energy

This is your chance! We are Europe’s number 1 in rechargable batteries for digital cameras. And now we let our longstanding know-how slip into our new and innovative e-scooters. The rechargable battery is the heart of the e-scooter and we have the maximum expertise.

Production and import

Join us and let us produce PATONA® e-scooters in our factories for your own portfolio. We guarantee a smooth run, exclusive products and cheap purchase prices for you as a distributor. We can also produce smaller quantities for you and deliver them at a low price point.

Trend product

Innovative and in high demand. Take advantage of the current trend of the next years and expand your portfolio. With PATONA® e-scooters you are on top of it all.

With and without road approval

We produce our scooters with and without road approval depending on the demand and with different features.

Model variants/types

We currently import e-scooter models with 250-350W engines, 6.5-10 inch tyres as well as battery capacities of 4.4-7.8Ah under our brand PATONA® e-scooter. We are also happy to configure e-scooters according to your needs and specifications.