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Die Marke PATONA

Die visionäre Marke für mobile Energie. So hat sich PATONA insbesondere im europäischen Wirtschaftsraum als wichtige und feste Größe etabliert. Innovation, modernste Wissenschaft und HighTech-Fabriken positionieren qualitative und unternehmerische Maßstäbe.

Akkus für Notebooks, Akkuschrauber und Digital-kameras, Netzteile und PowerBanks. Produktion, Import und die Distribution durch PTS Trading GmbH. Eine perfekte Struktur, ein perfektes Ziel.

Die Produktfamilie

PATONA products

A respected brand with good reason.

We develop our products exclusively in Germany at our location in Hilzingen. It is here that we are able to find the creative innovators who think outside the box and can identify quality issues in advance. Specialists who are always looking for ways to optimize or even create something new. Another reason is the direct presence at home on the European market, which we have listened to develop new products and bring them to the market before others do. The results prove us right. Being able to directly exchange ideas and experience with our sales partners and end customers is an excellent advantage for our specialists.


Digital cameras and camcorder accessories

Digital cameras and camcorders: batteries, power adapters, chargers


It is a given nowadays that we are able to take high-resolution photos and high-res video almost any time and anywhere. That is why we offer the right replacement battery or backup battery for a variety of popular camera and video camera brands. The same goes for the matching power adapters and chargers. Our EN-EL14 is in high demand right now and fits the Nikon P7100, 7000, D5100, D3200 and D3100. The same applies for our compact 4in1 charging unit with four charging ports for Canon EOS 450D, EOS-550 and EOS Rebel T2i batteries. Our constant quality control process is in place along the entire production process and ensures fair working conditions. Because meeting your expectations is our priority.


Laptop batteries, power adapters

Laptops: batteries, power adapters


Life without them is unimaginable. Whether at school, college, on ther job or in your personal life: laptops from different manufacturers and in a variety of sizes have become our constant companions that we have come to love. The performance of an unplugged laptop largely depends on the quality of battery being used. You will find the reliable backup or replacement battery you need. Always the highest quality at a small cost for studying and communicating, at the office, for when you are on the go or relaxing at home. Of course we guarantee the same reliability for our chargers. We also ensure that environmental standards are met throughout the entire production process.


Universal batteries and chargers

Universal: Rechargable AA and AAA batteries, chargers


These rechargeable AA and AAA batteries charge fast and there is no memory effect. They are ready-to-use thanks to the latest technology. With their low self-discharge rate, these batteries still hold approximately 70% of their original charge capacity after 5 years. The proper charger for these batteries is also offered in our shop. The charger has a charging performance of 500mA and charges the batteries gently to increase their service life. Production takes place according to the highest European standards. The same safety precautions as the original manufacturers such as overcharge protection are included in these batteries at an excellent price.


Power tool batteries

Power tools: batteries, chargers


An electric is not always there when you need it. When your working around the house you don't want to have an annoying extension cord to drag around. Luckily, you can easily double or triple the length of time your electric screwdriver or drill can perform. Take a look in our online shop. A huge selection of fully compatible Ni-Mh, Ni-CD and Li-Ion batteries in professional quality for products from 15 respected brand name companies from around the world awaits you. You will also see the excellent value you will get at a low cost.


AC adapters Switzerland

Adapters: AC Adapters, Switzerland


The borders across Europe have disappeared, while electrical outlets and plugs have stayed the same as the were when our grandparents were young. But there's no reason to worry. We carry the adapter you need. Like when you are traveling to Switzerland or Great Britain. We also have what you need when you're looking for a new three-pole connector cable (mickey mouse) for your laptop, we have what you need, as always at a low price and the trusted PATONA brand quality. Our most bought product is our 3 in 1 Universal Power Adapter 12–24V 100W.


Smartphone accessories

Smartphones: batteries, cases, and accessories


As your constant companion, your smartphone deserves durable protection for its screen around the clock. What could be better than a flip case from our great selection featuring products seven of the leading smartphone manufacturers: Apple, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Nokia, Samsung and Sony. You will find the right ultra slim protective cover for models from the top manufacturers in trendy or classic colors. We also carry batteries for almost all popular smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4.



Powerbanks: mobile charging units


You are always on the go, and you need to be sure that your mobile office consisting of your laptop and smartphone will always up and running. Even when there isn't an outlet in sight. With a Universal Powerbank from our assortment, you will have peace of mind. Because our extraordinary devices can serve as self-sustaining chargers or as external batteries with an output up to 16000 mAh. We guarantee you the highest quality at the best prices. Our most popular item right now is the Powerbank with its aestethic iPhone look and the Emergency Battery for all cell phones and mobile devices that have a Mini-USB port.


The PATONA company logo

PATONA adapters are purchased most often for these devices:

Universal 100 Watt (3in1) , IBM Lenovo 8,0 x 5,4mm (20 V / 4,5 A) , Acer 5,5 x 2,5mm (19 V / 4,74 A) , Acer 5,5 x 2,5mm (19 V / 3,42 A) , Acer 5,5 x 1,7mm (19 V / 4,74 A) , Acer 5,5 x 1,7 (19 V / 3,42 A) , HP Compaq 7,4 x 5,0mm (19 V / 4,74 A) , Samsung 5,5 x 3,0mm (19 V / 4,74 A) , 60W 16.5V 3.65A A1172 straight connector , Samsung 5,5 x 3,0mm (19 V / 3,15 A) , Fujitsu 5,5 x 2,5mm (20 V / 3,25 A) , HP Compaq 4,8 x 1,7mm (18,5 V / 3,5 A) , HP Compaq 7,4 x 5mm (18,5 V / 3,5 A) , Asus 2,48 x 0,7mm (19 V / 2,1 A) , IBM Lenovo 5,5 x 2,5 (16 V / 4,5 A) , Apple 45W 14.5V3.1A for A1244 bend connector , Fujitsu 5,5 x 2,5 (20V / 4,5 A) , Acer 5,5 x 1,7 (19 V / 1,58 A)