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PATONA - the leading brand for mobile power

The number 1 in Europe!

The visionary brand for mobile power. PATONA has been able to establish itself as an important brand that is here to stay. Innovation and high-tech manufacturing combined with the highest possible quality and business standards make PATONA a highly unique brand.

Our assortment includes: digital camera batteries, laptop batteries, electric screwdriver batteries, power tool batteries, smartphone batteries along with chargers and power adapters.

PATONA - unlimited mobility

Brand culture

A respected brand with good reason.
Sale and distribution of PATONA brand products

The culture of the PATONA brand is modern, competent, and future-oriented. When consumers choose our brand they stay loyal to it.

PATONA provides high-tech energy accessories: Laptop batteries, power adapters and batteries for electric screwdrivers or digital camera batteries.

In an independent survey, PATONA was the clear favorite as a "Brand that is always there for its customers“. A respected brand with good reason. When you buy our products, you can be assured you are getting superior quality.


On time, reliable, fast
Excellent availability, fast shipping and quick order fulfillment

PATONA stands for long-term reliability, a sustained high standard of quality and a low and unrivaled error rate. Become a distribution partner and team up with an excellent brand.

With PATONA, you can offer your customers an excellent product and a great value for their money. This will help you retain your customers long term.

A fully qualified and highly motivated team stands 100% behind the PATONA brand and our ethical approach to business every day! And you have a reliable partner you can count on.


Attractive prices and fair trade
Sustainable management. Excellent business contacts

Brand culture, reliability and sustainability. These three values are key factors for the success of PATONA as a global brand.

Special attention is given to economically responsible, sustainable values for the technical development and sale of PATONA products. Making a positive social impact is also very important to us.

The distribution of PATONA products is carried out by a select group of sales partners. If you are interested in partnering with us, please get in touch.

The PATONA company logo

PATONA batteries are bought most often for these devices:

Gopro AHDBT-301 Hero 3, Nikon ENEL1, Panasonic BCG10, Canon LPE8, Sony NP-BX1, Sony FM500, Sony BG1, Panasonic BCM13, Nikon ENEL12, Nikon ENEL5, IBM T60, Dell E6400 E6500, IBM T60, ASUS K50ij, A32-F82 F52, IBM X60, Acer AS10D31 AS10D41 AS10D3E, HP 6730s 6735s, IBM X6o Tablet, Acer Aspire ASOB741, Makita BL1830, Roomba 500, Roomba 500, Automower, Panasonic EY9001 EY9006B EY9101, Makita BL1430