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The PATONA brand

A respected brand with good reason

The brand name has established itself firmly on global level in just four years. It is not a synthetic moniker invented by marketing consultants, instead it has a very personal connection to the first names of the family that founded the company in southern Germany: PAtric, TObias and NAncy.


This label is setting new standards in a dynamic and competitive market. It clearly and proudly stands for:

  • The first mover advantage – because PATONA has the latest batteries available before the others
  • Guaranteed lasting high quality
  • Well-crafted, reliable products
  • High Availability
  • Attractive Design
  • Growing worldwide sales network
  • Long-term product planning
  • Products developed in-house such as the 4in1 Charger for digital camera batteries

The idea

On time, reliable, fast

Simple but great. Right before their first vacation with the woman that became his wife, the idea was born. Patric Schwärmer needed to buy a replacement battery for his camera from Canon. He could not believe his eyes at the camera store. The battery was going to cost him half as much as the price of the camera. The businessman experienced in international export with a knack for numbers started calculating. 82 million Germans who for the most part own a digital camer and every one at some point needs a replacement battery like he did. And then he thought about expanding across Europe and even going worldwide. What huge potential.


Now it was up to him to make the idea happen and look for way of doing it. He researched until he found the right manufacturers of compatible replacement batteries, visited the facilities and built up a solid, almost family-like network in the Far East. To this day, Patric Schwärmer still benefits from these personal friendships in many ways. He has been able to grow his business and now finds himself on the path to developing into a real global player taking a leading position in this sector with superior technology, quality and innovation.


Founding and growing the company

"Go ahead and work. Happiness comes on its own." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Founding the company in 2005 may have been a small step, but one with amazing results.  A short walk to city hall, filled out a form, paid the fee and from then on Patric Schwärmer was an independent businessman. For a while it was a side job, but he soon realized he would have to commit to one career or the other.

His drive for perfection and quest to expand only left one decision. He would resign from his permanent position at Dornier GmbH / EADS Deutschland GmbH and turn his career on the side to his main focus. Things took off from there. An office was leased, the warehouse disappeared out of the living room at home and the first few team members in Shipping and Sales were hired.


The independent businessman first had to negotiate with manufacturers, customs at borders, and retailers. As is the case for all newcomers, the first few deals took a fair amount of convincing and building up trust. And not to forget: being there for the family.


Obstacles that appeared in business served as motivators for constant improvements in order to grow even more. Patric Schwärmer was able to complete a number of projects including reestablishing the company as PTS Trading GmbH, creating jobs and apprenticeship opportunities, positioning the PATONA brand, and setting up SOP-Trading (HK) Ltd. as well as founding PATONA International S.L.U. to name a few.


With a lot of persistence, dedication, staying power, partnerships and support from his family, Patric Schwärmer was able to realize his big dream: managing his own international group of companies.


The organizational structure of PATONA

Culturally oriented, social, engaged
PATONA company structurer

PATONA continues to grow. In order to keep up with the ongoing globalization, we have decided to transfer sales activities from PTS-Trading GmbH to PATONA International S.L.U. The contact partners at PTS-Trading GmbH will stay the same as well as the distribution center in Hilzingen. Customers will not experience any inconveniences – just the address will change and additional staff will be hired for the team.


The company is structured as follows:


PTS-Trading GmbH, in Hilzingen, Germany


The base for the company's success is situated here, especially the areas of Strategy and Development. These areas are also closely connected:

  • Design
  • Market Research
  • Brand Rights & Licensing

SOP-Trading (HK) Limited, in Hong Kong, China


Our presence directly in China ensures that we can constantly maintain our high standards of quality, environmental friendliness, fair trade, and high social standards from our suppliers. And we can find new supplier-partners. SOP-Trading also sells products that are not part of our main product assortment and can be ordered based on customers' needs.


PATONA International S.L.U., in Palma de Mallorca, Spain

  • Customer Service national and international by multilingual team
  • Consulting for end customers, retailers, specialized shops, government agencies, and other institutions
  • Logistics Management

Setup and organizational structure

Flat hierarchy and efficient decision making
PATONA company structure

Company Philosophy

Hearts and Minds

Cultivating and sustainably developing the company culture is hugely important to us. Permanent success can only be built on a solid cultural foundation. Maintaining the solid basis, and developing our team members is vital. We maintain a culture of achievers. Achievements in all ways. Special products, special customers, special team members and special partners.


Our team members are highly engaged. They work hard and well. Each team member has a proactive attitude and works perfectly as team like a finely crafted Swiss watch. We respect and appreciate each other. It is our policy that each and every team member is treated equally and will receive the same chances no matter their origin, age or gender.  

The level of our success is determined by our customers. That is why customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. Our decisions and actions are based on it. We stay in dialogue with our customers in order to make continuous improvements. We want to be close to our customers. Customers are our partners. Customers are our top priority.

PATONA company philosophy

Sustainability and Responsibility

The company culture and ethics at PATONA are firmly based on an awareness for our responsibility to people and communities around the world. All under one roof, we combine business, cooperation, and ecological awareness. We always act with respect to conserving resources. We think, plan and act holistically, long-term and globally.

The PATONA company logo

PATONA chargers are purchased most often for:

Gopro AHDBT-301, Panasonic DMW-BCF10E/BCG10, Sony NP-FP50 FH70 FH100, Sony NP-BX1, Panasonic DMW-BCM13, Sony NP-FM50, Sony NP-FW50, Nikon EN-EL12, Nikon EN-EL5, Nikon EN-EL14, Nikon EN-EL11, Sony NP-BG1, Canon NB-6L, Canon LP-E8